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At a Glance

Brooks College is a unique residential college at Baylor University. Drawing on lasting traditions, and oriented toward meaningful relationships within a vital intellectual community, Brooks College is open to all undergraduate students and academic majors. A small number of graduate students are also admitted each year. Brooks College students are academically serious, personally responsible, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and possessed of diverse interests and a desire to serve others.

Spring view

Students admitted to Brooks College pursue their studies in majors and programs throughout the university, like other Baylor students. However, Brooks College residents are afforded distinctive opportunities to participate in intellectual, social, and spiritual practices that enhance their overall experience at Baylor. Students benefit from the presence of a dozen Faculty Associates with expertise in a number of different disciplines, including a Faculty Master who lives in the College with his family. Brooks College residents often dine in the Great Hall, including at a special weekly community dinner, where they become intimately acquainted with one another. They enjoy access to a wide variety of faculty members and university guests at a weekly Master's Tea. Alongside faculty members, students may join in morning prayers within Brooks College's Robbins Chapel. A full calendar of activities presents ample opportunity to be a part of a special residential college in which students know and are known by others, develop lifelong friendships, and experience the advantages of a true community.