Serve your Brooks College Community

Current Positions

Arts and Academic (Acatak) Committee Member

  • Promote learning among members of the college
  • Capitalizing on the learning potential provided by visitors to the college
  • Arrange peer mentoring
  • Organizing periodic common readings for the college
  • Assisting the Faculty Master with Master's Teas

Community and Traditions (ComTrad) Committee Member

  • Organizing social events and encouraging involvement in the traditions of the college
  • Overseeing the Community Dinner organization and program
  • Sustains old traditions and creates new ones records the history of the college

Service and Ministry (SerMin) Committee Member

  • Helping the Resident Chaplain promote student exploration of their faith and religious beliefs
  • Providing opportunities for members of the college to serve in the community
  • Supporting morning and evening prayer services in Robbins Chapel
  • Organizing special chapel programs (e.g. during Advent and Holy Week)

Torch Staff Member

  • Writing articles about events that occur either in Brooks, at Baylor, or other topics of interest
  • Creating written or visual art to share with the community


  • Responsible for being an official photographer at Brooks College events (such as Brookstravaganza, Yule Ball)
  • Providing photos for the Brooks College Torch Newsletter
  • Working with Webmaster to provide pictures to put on the Brooks College website

Office Assistants

  • Appointed through application process overseen by Director of Brooks College
  • Providing administrative assistance by staffing the front desk of the Junior Common Room
  • Offering assistantce with lock-out issues, maintenance issues, and safety issues


  • Updating pages of the Brooks College Website
  • Helping the Brooks College Faculty Master and Resident Hall Director discover what they wish to add the website