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General Responsibilities:

The Master of Brooks College works collaboratively with the Director of Brooks College to ensure that the espoused goals of the college are achieved. These include the aim of the college to provide a heightened sense of community that fosters academic excellence, intensive faculty-student interaction and a rich student experience steeped in Baylor tradition. The Master shares responsibility with faculty and student life colleagues for fostering and shaping the social, cultural, and educational life and character of the college.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Convene the monthly meeting of the Brooks College Trustees and work with the Director of Brooks College to prepare the meeting's agenda.

2. Convene and coordinate the weekly community dinner, as well as invite distinguished guests to sit at the College's High Table.

3. Host lectures, study breaks, and Master's Teas (intimate gatherings where students have the opportunity to talk with faculty and renowned guests from academic and popular culture).

4. Live in the Master's Residence and encourage a climate of academic excellence and community engagement.

5. Encourage faculty involvement in all aspects of the college's activities.

6. Teach a section of University 1000 for Brooks College students.

7. Meet monthly with the Dean for Student Learning & Engagement to report on the college's environment.