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Student Perspective

"When a multitude of young men and women, keen, open-hearted, sympathetic, and observant, as young men and women are, come together and freely mix with each other, they are sure to learn from one another, even if there be no one to teach them; the conversation of all is a series of lectures to each, and they gain for themselves new ideas and views, fresh matter of thought, and distinct principles for judging and acting, day by day." John Henry Newman, The Idea of a University, 1852

Students Interaction 1

Some Student Perspectives:

In these past few months I've come to enjoy the community and relationships I've obtained while living in Brooks College. Through this I've grown to love being around the people in my community and have found joy in being a part of the growth of the new building. I have been able to grow alongside my fellow residence and we have come to learn many things from each other, regardless of our background. Actually our different backgrounds have been the key element of how we've come to grow tighter, learning how different cultures deal with situations and how they are as a whole.

Student Interaction smallBeing in my residence hall, I've found a unique group of people that have impacted my life and vice versa. The time we spend together has broadened all of our views of the world in politics religion and culture. And being at Brooks I've learned more about people's views than the past year I've been at Baylor. Honestly, I learn more about culture and politics more than I do in the classroom through community leaders such as Moses George and James Norte. Men like this have challenged me in my views of the world and how important it is to try to make a difference in the world regardless of the major I choose. It has also shown me that college is not just a place to get a degree as I've believed up to this point, but it is a place to grow in all aspects of life to prepare you for a world that need leaders with strong morals and a firm foundation, through whom mine is Jesus Christ. -Jeremy Taylor

Student Interaction small 2The word community seems to be the buzz word around Baylor this year. It's possible that this idea has been presented very often to me because I live in Brooks College and community is one of the founding principles of that particular residence hall. After having lived here for a few weeks I was really amazed at how much community there really is. I had expected that the college's commitments to building one another up would taper off as school became more stressful and tests started piling up, but I have been pleasantly surprised that our desires to be in community with the people we live with have remained very strong. I lived in another hall last year and enjoyed it very much as well, but it lacked the ties that I have seen since living it Brooks. -Kim McElhany

When I first decided to attend Baylor, I was initially apprehensive. I had heard countless rumors that Baylor was "Christian" only in name and that I might as well be going to a secular school. Once I arrived on campus however; my unease was immediately quelled and I was confident in my decision. Not only this, but I feel that my faith has grown tremendously since August. The reason for my growth in the Lord has been aided through church, chapel, and through the girls that are serving as mentors in my own life -Aarika Rosa