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Archway Entrance at Oxford
Christ Church portal

One Entrance

The archway of Brooks College is much more than simply an architectural feature; it is the sole portal into a unique community. Passage through the archway takes residents past the Junior Commons and the lights of the Library, the heart and soul of the community of Brooks College. The historic bust of Samuel Palmer Brooks, which looked over the archway of Brooks Hall for decades, greets all who come home to the college. The bronze Immortal Message plaque donated by the last residents of Brooks Hall provides a link to the past and a daily reminder to members of the college to take the long look into the future, for the torch has been passed to them.

Brooks College is designed with community in mind, and the College's architectural design around a single portal uniquely affirms this commitment. Because of it, all who come into and go out of the College share the same physical space, visual fields, and quotidian experiences. When students are going or coming from class they may walk by the Junior Commons and see their friends John and Terrance playing pool, watching a game on the plasma television, or reading a history textbook on one of the comfortable couches. They may glance into the window of the library and see their friend Isabel curled up by the fire in the library reading a copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm which was donated by James Anderson, class of '53. If a student lives in Brooks College, they will only be anonymous by their own choice and initiative.