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Application Information

Down the stairs

The residential college is open to students of all classifications and academic majors, including graduate students, and has a separate admissions process beyond the on-campus housing preferences. Incoming students should apply to Brooks College and for on-campus housing concurrently. Acceptance to Brooks College will automatically take priority over previous housing preferences. We hope you will find that Brooks is a community you will want live in for your entire Baylor experience.

Application Process
To apply to Brooks Residential College you will need to have been accepted to Baylor and submitted your deposit. Your Bear-ID (Bobby_Baylor) and password provide access to the LLP Joint Application which includes Brooks Residential College as well as applications to the other Living Learning programs at Baylor. Applications are accepted until all spaces are filled and as such, it is best to submit your application as soon as possible as spaces are limited.

Below is the timeline for each of the LLP application rounds:

Application Deadline Admission Notification Student Confirmation
Round 1 January 12 (Monday) January 20 (Tuesday) January 26 (Monday)
Round 2 February 9 (Monday) February 16 (Monday) February 23 (Monday)
Round 3 March 16 (Monday) March 23 (Monday) March 30 (Monday)
Round 4 April 13 (Monday) April 20 (Monday) April 27 (Monday)
Round 5 May 4 (Monday) May 11 (Monday) May 18 (Monday)
*After Round 5 deadline, applications for Living-Learning Programs will be processed as received.

Students must have applied on or before each of the stated Student Application Deadline dates in order to be considered. If interested in more than one LLP, it is best to apply for them all at once. In doing so, all LLPs will notify students of their application status at the same time (LLP Admission Notification date). Students must Accept or Decline each offer received by the Student Confirmation Deadline date, or the offer will be void.
To accept or decline any offer(s) received, go to into the LLP Application system found in GoBaylor under the Housing Application. Log back into the application system using your Bear_ID and password, click on the My Applications tab at the top of the application system, and accept or decline the offer. If you have applied to more than one program, please note that only one offer can be accepted, and once selected, the student’s status in other programs will be designated as declined.

To Apply:
Go to the Housing Application tab in GoBaylor. Prior to completing application(s) for LLPs, students will need to complete the Housing Application, sign the Housing Contract, and then the LLP Application link will be made available. This application system requires your Bear_ID and password.

For questions regarding admissions to Brooks Residential College, please email Brooks_College@baylor.edu or the Hall Director, Leia_Duncan@baylor.edu.

First in Line Living Learning Program Scholarship
Baylor is offering first-year First Generation College Students a need-based scholarship if you live in a Living-Learning Program! Learn more HERE.

Unanswered Questions?
If you have any questions that have not been answered by the website, click here to find answers.