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The Leadership of Brooks College

The many facets of Brooks College are overseen by the combined efforts of faculty, staff, and student leaders. Members are invited and encouraged to participate in meaningful mentoring relationships with faculty and staff, and to help guide the community in one of the many student leadership positions available in the college.

The Brooks Residential College Trustees are appointed to ensure that this unique community achieves the aims for which it was created...

Faculty Steward
The Faculty Steward works collaboratively with the Residential College Director to ensure that the espoused goals of the college are achieved...

The Director of Brooks College collaborates with the Faculty Steward to provide professional leadership to the college...

Graduate Hall Director

Administrative Assistant

Resident Chaplain
Like all residential communities at Baylor, the College has a Resident Chaplain who is a current Truett Theological Seminary student who lives in residence..

Graduate Tutor

Community Leaders
In general, CLs are responsible for mentoring students, connecting them to the cultures of the residential college and campus communities...

College Council
The Brooks College Council is an organic, yet organized, association of student leaders who seek to maximize the residential college experience by creating a sense of tradition, identity, and value within the community of Brooks College....