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Welcome to Brooks College

What is the purpose of higher education? Is it merely to take courses, gain credits, and earn degrees? Those items are important, but only as part of the larger purpose of higher education: to form good people who are equipped to contribute to making society better. College is more than classes. It is an education (transformation) that develops us intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

Brooks Residential College is a special place that tries to fully capture the mission of Baylor to educate for worldwide leadership and service through the integration of academic excellence, Christian commitment, and a caring community. It proudly stands in a tradition stretching back to Western civilization's first universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Paris. These places viewed education holistically. Students joined together with teachers, as apprentices to masters, not merely to prepare for careers, but also to become well-formed human beings.

Our desire is to flourish together in community, and I invite you to join us on this quest.


Rishi Sriram

Rishi Sriram, Ph.D. ("Dr. Rishi")
Assistant Professor of Educational Administration
Faculty Steward, Brooks Residential College