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Baylor in Italy

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BII 2016:
31 May-5 July (Summer 1) and
7 July-10 August, 2016 (Summer 2)

About the Program

BII offers a variety of courses from a wide range of departments, including Classics, Latin, Anthropology, English, and Film and Digital Media. Students may fulfill Fine Arts credit with Classical Mythology (CLA 3380), do two semesters of Latin Language study (LAT 2310, 2320), be part of an archaeological survey (ANT 4690 -- more information available through the Dept. of Anthropology), study British Literature (ENG 2301), learn on site in a Roman Topography course (CLA 3321), and study screenwriting (FDM 3373).

The accommodations in Italy are superb. In addition to our "home base" in Viterbo, Hotel Sant’ Anna in Rome, just a short walk from St. Peter’s Basilica, is a beautifully renovated building. On Capri, the Hotel Bianca Maria, located near the highest point of the island with its panoramic view of the Bay of Naples, is perfectly situated for strolls and shopping. In Paestum, the Hotel Poseidonia Mare is located right on the beach.

The sights, the sounds, the monuments, and the places you visit when you are in Italy become the class- room. In this academic program, you will take notes on site, visit excavations, climb under buildings, and see things off-limits to the general public.


ALDEN SMITH, (PhD, Pennsylvania, 1990), Co-Director, has considerable expertise in Latin poetry, Roman topography and wall painting. (254) 710-7392

DAN HANCHEY, (PhD, Texas, 2009), Co-Director, specializes in, Cicero, the Roman republic and Roman culture. (254) 710-1174,

LORI BAKER, (PhD, Tennessee, 2001), is an expert in the molecular and forensic analysis of skeletal remains. She has extensive archaeological experience. (254) 710-2145,

CHRIS HANSEN, (M.F.A., Regent, 2002), is an award-winning writer and director. He is also the inaugural chair of the department of Film and Digital Media. (254) 710-4464,

NATHAN ELKINS, (PhD, Missouri, 2010), has expertise in Roman art history and archaeology, specializing in numismatics. (254) 710-6382,

COLLEEN ZORI (PhD, UCLA, 2011), is an expert in the economic impact of imperialism in provincial societies and has many years of experience in archaeological fieldwork.

GINGER HANCHEY, (PhD, Baylor, 2013), is an expert in Anglo-Saxon poetry and culture and oral-traditional poetics. (254) 710-4593,