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Jeffrey Fish

Associate Professor of Classics

fish Morrison 319
Tel: (254) 710-436


  • Ph.D., Classics, The University of Texas, 1999
  • M.A., Ancient History, Brown University, 1990
  • B.A. Greek and Latin, Baylor University, 1989


  • Papyrology; Ancient Homeric scholarship; Ancient literary criticism; Epicureanism

Research Interests

Jeff Fish is currently editing papyri from the Green Collection as well as Herculaneum Papyri, including Philodemus' On the Good King according to Homer, a papyrus about leadership recovered from a philosophical library at Herculaneum. He has published several articles on the Herculaneum papyri and their relevance to the broader classical tradition, and is co-editor of Epicurus and the Epicurean Tradition (Cambridge, 2011); Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans (University of Texas Press, 2004); and the Oxford Handbook of Epicureanism (in preparation). He is Director of the Greek Program at Baylor and teaches Greek at all levels. His didactic passion is training students in how to decipher, read, and publish ancient papyri, which he has had the opportunity to do thanks to the Green Scholars Initiative. His work has been supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Loeb Foundation, and the Centro Internazionale per lo Studio dei Papiri Ercolanesi.

Selected Publications


  • Epicurus and the Epicurean Tradition, ed. J. Fish and K. Sanders, Cambridge University Press (2011).
  • Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans, ed. D. Armstrong, J. Fish, P. Johnston, M. Skinner, University of Texas Press (2004).

Articles and Book Chapters

  • "New Fragments of Book 1 of Sappho", with Dirk Obbink and Simon Burris, ZPE 189 (2014) 1-24.
  • "Sappho 16.13-14 and a Marginal Annotation Attributed in PSI 123 to Nicanor", with Simon Burris, ZPE 189 (2014) 29-31.
  • "On orderly symposia in Homer: A new reconstruction of De bono rege (PHerc. 1507), col. 19", Cronache Ercolanesi 41 (2011) 65-8.
  • "What Roman Epicureans were taught about politics," in Epicurus and the Epicurean Tradition, ed. J. Fish and K. Sanders (Cambridge) 2011pp. 72-104.
  • "A Plus-verse from the Odyssey in PHerc. 1507, Philodemus' On the Good King According to Homer," ZPE 159 (2007) 73-80.
  • "POxy. Inv. 23.3B/8(1-3)(b), A Presocratic Papyrus on Perception", in The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, ed. D. Obbink (Egypt Exploration Society, London),forthcoming.
  • "Physician, Heal Thyself: the Intertextuality of Ovid's Exile Poetry and the Remedia Amoris," Latomus vol. 63, fasc. 4 (2005) 864-72.
  • "Anger, Philodemus' Good King, and the Helen Episode of Aeneid 2.567-89: A New Proof of Authenticity from Herculaneum," in Vergil, Philodemus, and the Augustans, ed. D. Armstrong, J. Fish, P. Johnston, M. Skinner, University of Texas Press (2004) 111-38.
  • "Philodemus' On the Good King According to Homer: Columns 21-31," Cronache Ercolanesi 31 (2001) 187-232.
  • "The Good King's Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: P. Herc. 1507, Col. 34," Atti del XXII Congresso Internazionale di Papirologia (Florence), 2001, vol. I, pp. 469-474.
  • "Philodemus on the Education of the Good Prince: PHerc. 1507, col. 23," Satura: Collectanea philologica Italo Gallo ab amicis discipulisque dicata, 1999, 71-7.
  • "Is Death Nothing to Horace? A Brief Comparison with Philodemus and Lucretius," Cronache Ercolanesi 28 (1998) 97-102.
  • "An Emender's Guide to PHerc. 1425," Cronache Ercolanesi 24 (1994) 97-107, co-authored with David Armstrong.

Work in Progress

  • The Oxford Handbook of Epicureanism, under contract with Oxford University Press
  • Philodemus On the Good King According to Homer: Critical Text with Commentary, in progress.
  • Philodemus On Poems V: Critical Text with Commentary, with David Armstrong and James Porter, Oxford Press (Clarendon).