Program Transfer

Transferring OUT OF Baylor

  • To transfer from one J-1 sponsor to another, you must seek clearance from the original/current program sponsor.
  • Once Baylor's ISSS has transferred your SEVIS record and the new institution has produced a new DS-2019, you are then considered under the sponsorship of the new program.
  • If you wish to transfer your J-1 status from Baylor to another U.S. institution, please use the

  • You may not take up appointment with the new program until the transfer process has been successfully completed.
  • The transfer of J-1 program sponsorship must be completed prior to the individual's termination from the previous J-1 program and before the current DS-2019 form expires.

Transferring INTO Baylor

  • The hosting departments should complete the J-1 Request Packet including the J-1 Transfer-In Request Form.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Time spent in a previous program(s) prior to the transfer will be counted toward the maximum stay allowed.