International Internships

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Erin Thoes
Coordinator - Faculty Led Programs, International Travel, and Communications,

Marie Burks
Financial Manager, CIE

Mark Dollar
Assistant Director for Study Abroad, CIE

Jeff Hamilton
Vice Provost for Global Engagement, CIE

Center for International Education
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97012
Baylor University
Waco, TX 76798-7102
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Pre-Approval Process

Please follow the steps below to submit your trip for approval by Baylor University. All students traveling overseas for international internships for Baylor course credit must register their trip with CIE. The following items are due no later than 90 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE:

  1. International Internship/Mentorship Proposal - Please complete the online form and material submissions. Please have the Internship/Mentorship Proposal Signature Document signed by your department chair. Your dean should sign as well if the students participating in the international internship or mentorship will be earning course credit.

Pre-Departure Process

Once your trip has been approved, you will be notified by CIE and may start this process. The following items will be due 30 DAYS BEFORE DEPARTURE:

  1. AHP Insurance- Two options:

    • Group Enrollment - Email a completed Insurance/Participant Roster to the International Travel Coordinator in CIE.

    • Individual Enrollment: Have each person enroll individually at AHP Baylor 2014-15. Submit proof of insurance for each participant with an Insurance/Participant Roster to CIE.

    for the Insurance/Participant Roster.

  2. Final Itinerary Questionnaire- Complete online:

    • Click on the link below, confirm that you are a Baylor user, and log-in using your Baylor user name and password.

    • Input your academic term of travel, destinations, and dates of travel. Click "Apply".

    • Select the "Final Itinerary" (in blue) from the Application Questionnaires box to complete it, and make sure to click "Submit" when you're finished.

    to access the online Final Itinerary Questionnaire.

  3. Release Forms- These will be emailed to you by the Office of General Council. Submit completed forms for all participants to CIE. Please have them in alphabetical order with no staples.

  4. Cell Phone List- Email a list of all participants' overseas cell phone numbers to CIE prior to departure (not due 30 days prior). If cell phones will be obtained overseas, the cell phone list must be submitted within 48 hours of arrival.