Financial Aid

Financial Aid, Fellowships, Assistantships & Scholarships

Several graduate assistantships and fellowships in Church State Studies are available each Fall. Each assistantship in the Master's program provides full tuition, and a stipend (valued at $8,800 in 2003-04) for one academic year. Each fellowship in the doctoral program provides a stipend of at least $12,000 per year plus full tuition. Responsibilities include assistance in editorial and research duties in the Institute. Please contact the Institute for an application for an assistantship or fellowship (or download an application online). Send the completed application, along with a description of the applicant's intellectual journey of 1,000 words or less to the Institute's Director no later than February 15th of the year for which you are applying.

Address inquiries regarding assistantships or fellowships to:

Dr. Christopher Marsh, Interim Director
J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies
P. O. Box 97308
Waco, Texas 76798-7308
(254) 710-1510

A limited number of Baylor University and funded scholarships are available to those who qualify, based upon merit and need. In addition, federal loans are available at low interest rates to US citizens and permanent residents. For those who qualify for federal assistance, work-study jobs are available on campus. Requests for application forms and additional information on financial aid should be addressed to:

Baylor University
Student Financial Aid Office
P.O. Box 97028
Waco, Texas 76798 -7028
(254) 710-2611