National/International Consultation

The J.M. Dawson Institute is uniquely positioned to provide scholarly assistance to academic, ecclesiastical, and political organizations throughout the world. Much of its expertise is channeled through educational programs, conferences, lectures, symposia, and publications. These avenues create opportunities for national and international leaders to seek the individual expertise and experience of the Institute's faculty.

The Institute's faculty consult from time to time with state and national legislators, as well as politicians and other officials from various nations. Their services may involve giving testimony as experts in church-state issues at state and federal congressional hearings or in giving assistance in drafting constitutional provisions on human rights and religious liberty for a nation in political transition.

The ongoing consultant activities often address issues related to the autonomy of religious institutions in modern society governmental funding of religious institutions, and religious activity in the public square, to name a few. Societies are in constant flux due to the interactions of cultural, religious, economic and political values. New dilemmas and tensions arise that require clarification from a principled perspective, thus creating ongoing opportunities for the Institute to provide valuable consultation on a range of political and religious issues.