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Summer 2015: Christian Leadership Institute

June 25 - June 28, 2015

2015 Registration Information
  • Applications open January 22, 2015.
  • Registration Fee: $350
A $50 deposit of the $350 registration fee is required upon acceptance, and the remaining balance is due by June 17, 2015.

For Incoming High School seniors who wish to
  • Discover more about their God-given strengths
  • Identify their passions and calling
  • Challenge their minds
  • Ignite their spirits
  • Learn to build effective networks and teams
Activities include
  • Ropes and challenge course activities
  • Community service project
  • Team building activities with other senior leaders and Baylor student leaders
  • Baylor Professors share leadership concepts in three seminars
  • Interactive small groups for discussion and debrief
  • A taste of campus life at the Student Life Center and a popular student hang-out for late night socializing
  • Discussion of Calling including the concepts of Identity, Influence, and Impact The student learns how to succeed by making effective decisions that enable him or her to balance the demands of class work with extra-curricular activities and meaningful relationships.
  • "Commitment to Influence Service" on Sunday morning in one of the chapels on campus.

To apply for admission to the Christian Leadership Institute, please use the online forms found in the menu to the left.

For more information, contact us at (254) 710-7611 or email Christian Leadership Institute.