Spring 2016 Colloquium Schedule

January 15, 2016
Host: Dr. Charles Garner
Dr. Michael Doyle, University of Texas-San Antonio
Expanding Chemical Space in Heterocyclic and Carbocyclic Chemistry
January 22, 2016
Host: Dr. Charles Garner
Dr. Ronald Smaldone, University of Texas-Dallas
"Arranging Molecular Building Blocks with Enhanced Control in the Real and Virtual Worlds"
January 29, 2016
Host: Dr. Bryan Shaw
Dr. Marc Diamond, University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center
"Tau Prion Biology and Neurodegenerative Diseases"
February 3, 2016
Host: Dr. John Wood
Dr. Kevin Brown, Indiana University
"No Strain, No Gain: Advances in the Synthesis and Use of Cyclobutanes"
February 5, 2016
Host: Dr. Bryan Shaw
Dr. George Perry, Univeresity of Texas-San Antonio
February 10, 2016
Host: Dr. Charles Garner
Dr. P. Shiv Halasyamani, University of Houston
"New Deep UV Nonlinear Optical Materials: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization'
February 12, 2016
Host: Dr. Bryan Shaw
Dr. Ivan Korendyvich, University of Syracuse
"De novo Design of Catalytic Function"
February 19, 2016
Host: Dr. Michael Trakselis
Dr. Bob Brosh, National Institute of Health
"Human DNA Repair Helicases and their Roles in Genome Stability and Disease"
February 26, 2016
Host: Dr. Kevin Shuford
Dr. Jordan C. Polar, University of NC-Charlotte
"Dispersion Stability and Aggregation: Nanostructured Carbons for Energy Storage and Water Purification"
March 2, 2016(Weds)
Host: Dr. John Wood & Daniel Romo
Dr. Rendy Kartika, Louisiana State University
"New Chemistries with Oxyallyl Cations"
March 4, 2016
Spring Break
March 11, 2016
Spring Break
March 18, 2016
Gooch-Stephens Lecture Series
Dr. Jon Clardy, Harvard University
March 23, 2016(Weds)
Host: Dr. John Wood
Dr. Jen Stockdill, Wayne State University
"Strategies for the Synthesis and Detection of Neuroactive Species"
March 25-28, 2016
Easter Break
March 30, 2016(Weds)
Host: Dr. John Wood
Dr. Sam Zard Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
April 1, 2016
Host: Dr. Charles Garner
Dr. Guanbin Dong University of Texas-Austin
"C C and C H Functionalization Based on Common Functional Groups"
April 8, 2016
Host: Dr. Pat Farmer
Dr. Elisa Tomat University of Arizona
"Capturing Metals and Non-Innocent Ligands for Medicinal and Synthetic Applications"
April 15, 2016
Host: Dr. Charles Garner
Dr. Tom Guarr Michigan State University(Bioeconomy Institute)
"Organic Electrochemistry: Applications of Stable Free Radicals in the Real World"
April 22, 2016
Host: Dr. Caleb Martin
Dr. Alex Radosevich Penn State University
"Structural Deformation as a Design Principle in Organophosphorus Catalysis."
April 29, 2016
Host: Dr. Kevin Pinney
Dr. Yongcheng Song Baylor College of Medicine
"Targeting Histone lysine methylation for cancer therapy"
May 4, 2016(tentative)
Host: Dr. Daniel Romo
Dr. Carole Bewley National Institute of Health/NIDDK
"Anti-infectives from Nature, Discovery and Mechanisms"
May 16-17, 2016
Stone Symposium
Dr. Fred Guengerich Vanderbilt University
May 20-21, 2016
Dr. Truell Hyde/Dr. Pat Farmer Baylor,Baylor College of Medicine, and Baylor Scott and White