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January, 2014 (ENTIRE MONTH - NO COLLOQUIUM Host: Dr. Charles Garner/Kevin Shuford
"Organic Lecturer Candidate Seminars" ,
January 17th - E-206; January 21st - E-227; January 27th - E-206

February 7, 2014 Host: Dr. Caleb Martin

Dr. Shih-Yuan Liu Boston College
"Recent Advances in Azaborine Chemistry"

February 14, 2014 Host: Dr. Charles Garner

Dr. Roberto de la Salud Bea, Rhodes College
"Peptide Analogues from Scorpion Venom - Potential Antimicrobial Activity"

February 21, 2014 Host: Dr. Kevin Shuford

Dr. Andrew Rappe, University of Pennsylvania
"The bulk photovoltaic effect in polar oxides for robust and efficient solar energy harvesting"

February 28, 2014, Host: Dr. Kevin Pinney

Dr. M. G. Finn, Georgia Tech
"Chemical Biology and Catalysis with Tailored Virus-Like Particles"

March 7, 2014 Host: Dr. Charles Garner

Dr. Yulia Sevryugina , Texas Christian University "Boron Clusters as Unique Pharmacophores in Biologically Active Compounds"

March 10-14, 2014


March 18, 2014, Host: Dr. John Wood

Dr. Karl J. Hale , Queen's University, Belfast
"The O-Directed Free Radical Hydrostannation Reaction of Alkylacetylenes: Scope, Reaction Mechanism and Applications in Complex Molecule Total Synthesis"

March 21, 2014, Host: Dr. Kevin Shuford

Dr. Adrian Roitberg, University of Florida
"Molecular Dynamics in Proteins at Constant pH Effects on Structure, Dynamics, and Stability"

March 28, 2014, Host: Dr. Kevin Pinney

Dr. Marty Pomper, John Hopkins

April 4, 2014, Host: Dr. Sung-Joon Kim

Dr. Grant Jensen , Cal Tech

April 9, 2014, Host: Dr. John Wood

Dr. Daniel Romo , Texas A&M University

April 11, 2014, Host: Dr. Kevin Shuford

Dr. Graeme Henkelman, University of Texas

April 18-21, 2014


April 25, 2014, Host: Dr. Kevin Chambliss

Dr. Purneudu (Sandy) Dasgupta , University of Texas at Arlington

May 2, 2014


May 2, 2014, Host: Dr. Pat Farmer

"SPECIAL SEMINAR" Dr. Eunsuk Kim Brown University

May 16-17, 2014

"University Commencement Ceremonies"

May 19, 2014 Host: Dr. John Wood

Dr. Eric Ferreira Colorado State University

Department of Chemistry