Physical Chemistry

  • Research - Cavity Ring
  • Research - Combretastatin Dinitrogen-Substituted-Stilbene
  • Research - Low Energy
  • Research - Low Energy Reaction Rate
  • Research - Rate-Limiting Step

Darrin J. Bellert
Research Group -The underlying theme of our research involves studying the interactions between cations and neutral molecules under controlled conditions.

Sung Joon Kim
Research Group

Carlos E. Manzanares
Research Group - The focus of our research is the study of highly excited vibrational states of polyatomic molecules to obtain information about molecular structure, vibrational energy levels, and intramolecular dynamics.

Kevin L Shuford
Research Group - We are a computational research group that specializes in theory, modeling, and simulation of interdisciplinary problems spanning chemistry, physics, materials science, and engineering.