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Organic Chemistry

Charles M. Garner
Research Group - Research in my group centers around the synthesis and analysis of chiral organic compounds. We are working to improve catalytic asymmetric processes by developing new chiral ligands for transition metal catalysts.

Robert Kane
Research Group - Dr. Kane is the director of the Center for Drug Discovery and the Institute for Biomedical Studies.

Kevin G. Pinney
Research Group - A primary focus of the research efforts of the Pinney Group lies in the total synthesis of structurally challenging and biologically relevant and interesting natural and non-natural products.

John L Wood
Research Group - Starting with Wohler's total synthesis of urea almost two centuries ago, the chemical synthesis of naturally occurring molecules has inspired creativity and led chemists to make important advances in areas ranging from drug development to materials science. Unlike many fields where the target of research efforts is defined by the researcher - allowing convenient adjustment to match shortfalls in capability - the goal in natural products synthesis is predefined by nature and the challenge is to develop methods and strategies that allow for the solution of a precise problem; however, for most molecules there is an infinite number of conceivable syntheses. Thus, these intriguing products from nature represent a virtually limitless source of inspiration to chemists; no matter how many times they are targeted for synthesis or successfully prepared, they continue to fuel creativity and scientific achievement in our field and beyond.".

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