Analytical Chemistry

  • Research - Pollution
  • Research - Competing Non-covalent Host-guest Interactions
  • Research - Loss of Internal Backbone Carbonyls
  • Research - DNA Oligonucleotide Fragment Ion Rearrangements
  • Research - Collision-energy Resolved Ion Mobility Characterization
  • Research - Automated Deconvolution of Overlapped Ion Mobility Profiles
  • Research - Reductively induced
  • Research - Evidence for Electron-based Ion Generation
  • Research - synthesis of some new
  • Research - Analysis of Volatile Organic Compound Mixtures
  • Research - X-Ray Crystal Structure
  • Research - Radio-frequency Ionization of Organic Compounds
  • Research - Compositional Analysis
  • Research - Analysis of Pharma
  • Research - Analytical Characterization
  • Research - Herbicidal Effects

C. Kevin Chambliss
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Research Group - Research in my group reflects a balanced interest in pure and applied analytical chemistry and is primarily focused on chemical separations and analysis.

Elyssia Gallagher
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Bryan F. Shaw
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Research Group

Touradj Solouki
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Research Group

Sascha Usenko
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Research Group