D.M.A. Audition Requirements


D.M.A. in Church Music applicants must have a strong background in the particular performance area for which they are applying. Generally speaking, this will involve having had a graduate major or concentration in that instrument or voice or at least significant graduate study in that area. Students who did not give one or more master's level recitals may be required to do appropriate study and give such a recital (or recitals) before beginning doctoral-level study. Such decisions will be made in conjunction with the applied faculty in the area of concentration. For official audition dates, see the School of Music website.


Audition Requirements for Composition

Students desiring a concentration in composition should submit a portfolio of at least three original compositions, preferably with one being a piece for large instrumental ensemble.


Audition Requirements for Conducting

Applicants in conducting must submit a video of their conducting at least three pieces in different styles in both rehearsal and performance. Students who pass this screening will be invited to the campus where they will be asked to rehearse or conduct one or more of the following pieces (the applicant should prepare all of these): Stravinsky, Symphony of Psalms (movement 1); Bach, St. John Passion (movement 2a, b, c, d, e); Haydn, Die Schoepfung (opening recitative beginning “Im Anfange” through the first chorus); Gregorian chant Pange lingua (consult the Liber Usualis); Josquin, Ave Maria (suggested edition Theodore Presser, but others are available); Britten, Rejoice in the Lamb (from beginning through “Nimrod” section). In addition, the applicant will have a twenty-minute rehearsal with the A Cappella Choir on a piece of his/her choosing.


Audition Requirements for Organ Performance

Applicants for the organ concentration must play a thirty-minute audition including at least the following components: (1) a major work by J. S. Bach, such as a prelude and fugue; (2) one work from a representative Romantic composer; (3) one work from the twentieth or twenty-first century. Memory is suggested but not required. Auditions will take place in Markham Organ Studio. Applicants will have one hour of practice on the instrument before the audition.


Audition Requirements for Piano Performance

An audition program, at least thirty minutes in duration, of memorized solo repertoire from three style periods is required.The program should include at least two major works, such as a complete sonata, substantial variation set, or a major single-movement work.


Audition Requirements for Vocal Performance

Audition requirements for applicants in Vocal Performance must include at least five vocal works covering the major languages (French, German, Italian, English, and Latin), which shall consist of the following:

  • Two sacred oratorio or cantata arias in different languages and from contrasting style periods, one of which must contain a recitative.
  • Three art songs from different languages and contrasting styles.
  • One of the five selections must be in English.