Entrance Requirements

The doctoral program in Church Music at Baylor will recruit students who have potential for success in advanced Church Music study. The deadline for completed applications for the Fall of 2017 is February 1, 2017. A "completed application" means that all transcripts, letters of recommendation, GRE scores, TOEFL or other language proficiency scores, writing samples, and auditions have been submitted. The following requirements will help to assure that students are successful:

Master's Degree

Applicants should have earned a master's degree in music from an accredited college or university.

Graduate Record Examination

Applicants must submit official GRE scores. The GRE must have been taken within five years of the application for admission. Expectations for PhD students are a combined Verbal/Quantitative score of at least 300, with a minimum Verbal score of 153. Expectations for DMA students are a combined Verbal/Quantitative score of at least 297 with a minimum Verbal score of 152.


Students from non-English speaking countries must take the Test Of English as a Foreign Language and submit a minimum score of 600 (250 computer-based, 100 internet-based). Other language proficiency exams that are accepted by the Graduate School at Baylor may also be submitted.

Writing Sample

Applicants must submit a master's thesis or significant research paper. The research paper may take the form of a published book or article, a major paper for a master's-level course, or a paper written specifically to fulfill this requirement. The writing sample must demonstrate familiarity with appropriate research techniques, originality of thought, and ability to write with clarity. While coverage of the selected topic is more important than length, a general guideline for length of the paper is a mininum of 25 pages.


Applicants will have a face-to-face interview with the Church Music faculty. The applicant should prepare a curriculum vitae for the interview. This will include all relevant academic and professional experience as well as goals and plans for the future.


Applicants for the D.M.A. must audition for and be accepted by the Church Music and applied faculties in their particular area of performance. For audition requirements click here. No audition is required for Ph.D. applicants.


Applicants are encouraged to have significant prior professional experience in the field of music. At least two years of full-time employment or the equivalent in part-time/volunteer work is recommended.


Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation. At least one should be from a person qualified to comment on the applicant's master's degree work, and at least one should be from a person who can speak to the applicant's music activity in a local congregation.