Faculty Publications - Instruments in Church

Instruments in Church: A Collection of Source Documents

By David W. Music

Instruments in Church traces the philosophy and use of musical instruments in the Christian church through documents drawn from various eras, countries, and traditions.The material has been compiled into chapters organized into five main parts each with helpful introductions and a bibliography suggests sources for further reading, categorized according to each of the book's five parts. The chapters contain selections from various writers, sometimes on opposing views of the subject under discussion. This book does a good job of giving voice to different sides of the issue, letting leaders who have shaped attitudes speak in their own words. It has significant historical value, helping us see the "long view" of the dispute. The book also provides essential background to the discussion that continues in contemporary times around the world. To everyone working with people who are wrestling with the issues of instruments and musicians in churches, the book will be an indispensable resource.

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