Faculty Publications - A Selection

Hymnology: a Collection of Source Readings

By David W. Music

The source readings in Hymnology are primary documents illustrating the philosophy and practice of congregational singing during various historical periods of the Christian church. They are drawn from a wide variety of sources including letters, diaries, periodicals, hymnal and tunebook prefaces, theological treatises, certain controversial books and pamphlets, and deliberations of church councils. The material ranges in date from the beginning of the second century to the 1960s. All the major streams of Christian song are covered, including early Greek and Latin hymnody, pre-Reformation vernacular hymnody, the Lutheran chorale, Reformed psalmody, and English and American hymnody from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. The book is suitable for use as a text or supplementary text for courses in hymnology, a professional reference work for ministers and church musicians, and a book for laymen interested in the history of church music.

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