John Bell
Hearn Innovator - John Bell

John L. Bell was born in, resides in and belongs to Scotland. He is well known for his music and worship resources, produced with his colleagues as part of the Wild Goose Resource Group within the Iona Community. He is a well known preacher, workshop leader and broadcaster in Britain and beyond, but his primary concern is the renewal of congregational worship at the grassroots level. He has a deep interest in music from non-European cultures and a passion for ‘the song of the Assembly', giving voice to all who gather in Christian worship. With his colleagues, John has produced many collections of songs and a wide range of liturgical material. He has also authored several collections of sermons and meditations. His work is made available in North America through the liturgical publisher GIA, or visit the website of the Iona Community.

For the Best Practices Institute, John will draw on his experience in the global Church to explore challenges that worship leaders face in changing times. We will look at strategies for initiating change in the liturgy of a local church and reflect on the spiritual formation that can sustain leaders in "the practice of public worship."

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Spring 2010 Hearn Innovator Series - John Bell - Truett Chapel

Spring 2010 Hearn Innovator Series - John Bell