Student Perspectives

Undergraduate Students

Emily Cyril

Adam Cogliano - Class of 2016

"Baylor has given me such passion for music and the church. [...] I have also had opportunities through the church music department, singing a solo for the advisory board and helping to plan the Mosaic Service. These opportunities have prepared me for an eventual career in music ministry..." Read more...

James Cheesman

James Cheesman - Class of 2012

"Attending Baylor University has been a wonderful blessing. I have grown tremendously as a student, a musician, and a minister. My classes have grown my musicianship skills and ministry awareness in areas where I would never have been so well-equipped without such great curriculum." Read more...

Hannah Taylor

Hannah Taylor - Class of 2012

"I am so glad that I chose to study at Baylor for my Bachelors Degree in Church Music. I have established many close connections with people that I can look to for possible ministry positions after I graduate. I have also gotten great hands-on experience by being placed in a summer internship through the church music program." Read more...

Emily Cyril

Emily Cyril - Class of 2012

"When I came to Baylor I knew I would want to graduate with a science degree, [...] but I knew I wouldn't be completely happy if I gave up one of the things I love - music. So I became a music minor with the hopes of growing my skills as a musician. Being a part of the Church Music Program at Baylor is something I definitely will not regret." Read more...