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YouthCue is an interdenominational organization which seeks to "radically impact the lives of youth" through the youth choir experience. This organization, founded in 1990 boasts over 30,000 active youth from all over the country. Each year youth choirs gather at various locations to participate in YouthCue festivals. Individual youth choirs learn a prescribed list of repertoire, then gather with other youth choirs from across the nation to sing together. These events maintain a high standard of excellence, while also creating an exciting outreach atmosphere for the involved youth. Baylor is proud to host one of the five YouthCue festivals each year. The most recent Baylor festival attracted youth choirs from as far east as Louisiana and as far west as California. Members of the Baylor Symphony Orchestra joined the 300 member choir for the final concert. Each festival concludes with a Grand Concert, free and open to the public, which is accompanied by members of the local professional symphony orchestra. For more information visit Youth Cue's Official Website

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YouthCUE 2016
February 19-21, 2016