Alleluia Conference
In a recent poll, the job of music minister was ranked as one of the top ten stressful jobs in the country. The Alleluia Conference is designed to equip and inspire ministers in all areas of their ministry. Though highly acclaimed speakers and guests are frequently featured at the conference, the community and energy found in being around like minded people is far better than learning skills from a distance learning course. At the conference, participants have the ability to find answers and advice on their own church situations from experienced practitioners of ministry.

Church Music Forum
Church Music Forum meets monthly to encourage and support church music. Primarily designed to serve in a supportive role, the group provides enrichment opportunities for church music majors and others interested in church music. Church Music Forum is required each semester for Church Music students but is open for all students who are interested in church music.

Hearn Innovators
The Hearn Innovators in Christian Music Series is designed to bring to the Baylor campus people who are thinking creatively and blazing new trails in the field of Christian Music. These people may be involved in the practice, creation, or study of church music. Presenters are on campus for a three to four day residency and are available to speak in classes, make public presentations and visit with students in small groups and one-on-one.

Northcutt Lectures
Since its inception in 1985, The Northcutt Lecture Series has become an integral part of the academic and spiritual life of the Baylor University School of Music. Designed to bring nationally and internationally known church music scholars to Baylor University, The Northcutt Lecture is made possible by an endowment from LeGrande and Cassandra Northcutt of Longview, Texas.

The Center for Christian Music Studies reaches out to all people and areas of Christian music through cross-disciplinary opportunities that create avenues to engage in music in a completely different way. One of the unique opportunities for students is to participate in trips around the world. The main purpose of these trips are to give, share, and receive aspects of community present in the culture and faith of other nations. The trip gave participants rich educational opportunities to interact with the music and culture of another country. At the same time, participants were able to share their song and participate in a mutual exchange.

Mosaic Worship Service
This annual worship service is entirely planned, organized, and led by undergraduate and graduate students, providing valuable practical experience. Designed to incorporate the whole Baylor community, this service includes a wide variety of worship elements.

Sacred Harp
The Baylor Sacred Harp sing is held the Saturday before the second Sunday in February each year in the Great Hall of Truett Theological Seminary on the Baylor University campus. Sacred Harp singing is so named after the shape-note tunebook Sacred Harp, first published by B. F. White and E. J. King in 1844.

YouthCue is an interdenominational organization which seeks to "radically impact the lives of youth" through the youth choir experience. This organization, founded in 1990 boasts over 30,000 active youth from all over the country. Each year youth choirs gather at various locations to participate in YouthCue festivals. Individual youth choirs learn a prescribed list of repertoire, then gather with other youth choirs from across the nation to sing together.

Past Events
The Center Christian for Music Studies has sponsored various one-time conferences, presentations, and services. Videos and articles from these events are now available to the public.