Master's Level Program

Worship planning and leadership are not simply questions of which music to select. New worship styles emerge with each generation. Ministerial leadership in such an environment requires well-grounded theological and musical understanding. Ministers of music and worship are ministers first and foremost. Interpreting the current environment and leading with biblical and theological integrity is as important for the minister of music as it is for the pastor. The MDiv/MM dual degree from Truett Seminary and Baylor University will prepare the minister of music to take on the musical and theological responsibilities of service in music ministry. By pursuing the MDiv/MM you acknowledge that you understand the magnitude of this call.

Master of Music in Church Music(MM)

The Master of Music in Church Music program at Baylor is designed to bring students to the highest levels of performance and scholarship of which they are capable.

Master of Music/Master of Divinity at George W. Truett Theological Seminary (MM/mDiv)
This program in church music provides advanced theological education and graduate education in music for ministers in the field of music. For more information on this program visit Truett's Website.

Doctoral Program

The doctoral program includes courses of study leading to either the Doctor of Philosophy degree or the Doctor of Musical Arts degree. Students will chose which track they wish to pursue based upon their own set of skills and career goals. In order to be admitted, they must complete the specific admission requirements for the degree program of choice.

The Ph.D. is intended principally for students who desire to concentrate their program on academic studies in Church Music. These students will choose a minor area either in music or in an area related to religious studies, and will write a dissertation.

The D.M.A. is intended principally for students who desire to have a strong performance component along with their studies in Church Music. These students will not have a minor area but will take applied lessons and give two recitals, with a supporting document accompanying the second recital. If, after viewing the links below, you have questions or need additional information, please contact Dr. David W. Music at