Master of Music/Master of Divinity
Baylor University offers the joint degree Master of Divinity/Master of Music through George W. Truett Theological Seminary and the School of Music. This program in church music provides advanced theological education and graduate education in music for ministers in the field of music. For more information on this program visit Truett's Website.

Degree Plan

Student perspectives

Scott Davis

Scott Davis - MDIV/MM Degree Candidate

"During my time here at Baylor and Truett, I have been continually amazed by the opportunities God has laid before me. [...] I have truly seen God at work in my life equipping me with a healthy philosophy of worship and music within the church, a true understanding of my role as a leader and pastor in the worship of the church, and�at the most basic level�a worshiper of Christ. " Read more...

Jacob Sensenig

Jacob Sensenig - MDIV/MM Degree Candidate

"The Master of Divinity/Master of Church Music degree offered at Baylor & Truett is truly unique in the fact that it brings pastors, youth ministers, missionaries, and musicians from around the globe into conversation with one another and fosters an environment for healthy conversation and reflection crucial to the future of the church universal. The program in only two years has broadened my horizons and allowed me to engage with the world-class faculty, clinicians, and students." Read more...