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2012 REU Final Papers

Dust Grain Growth in a Protoplanetary Disk:Effects of Location on Charge and Size

by Will Barnes, Lorin S. Matthews and Truell Hyde

Dynamics of Dust Aggregates in a Complex Plasma

by Allen B. Davis, Jorge A. Carmona-Reyes, Lorin S. Matthews and Truell W. Hyde

Systematically Generated Layer 1 Weakly Coupled Free Fermionic Heterotic String Models

by Rachel Elliott, Jared Greenwald, Doug Moore, Brandon Mattingly and Gerald Cleaver

Piezo Dust Detector: Summary of Summer Work - Electrical/Software

by Matthew Fellows

Numerical Modeling of Ellipsoidal and Spherical Monomers: Coagulation and Proof of Concept for Next Generation Non-Magnets

by Robert D. Fisher, Lorin S. Matthews and Jonathan Perry

Transverse Waves through one-dimensional Vertical Dust chains in a glass box

by Raymond Fowler, Brandon Harris, Dr. Lorin Matthews and Dr. Truell Hyde

Charging Behavior of Dust Aggregates in a Cosmic Plasma Environment

by Sarah A. Frazier, Lorin S. Matthews, Member, IEEE

Wave Modes and Mode Coupling in Bulk Complex Plasma Crystals

by Chris Grigas, Ke Qiao, Jorge Carmona Reyes, Lorin Matthews and Truell Hyde

The Attractive Force between Dust Particles in a Vertical Two-Particle Chain

by Martin J. Iwanicki, Mudi Chen, Jei Kong, Victor Zhang, Lorin Matthews and Truell Hyde

Determination of the Horizontal Potential Well within a 1" Glass Box placed in a GEC Reference Cell

by R. K. Moore, L. Matthews, and T. Hyde

Acetone Chemistry On Oxidized Rutile TiO2(110)

by Patrick Murray, Yaobiao Xia, Zhenrong Zhang, Ken Park, and Ke Zhu

Exoplanet Transits: Light Curve Photometry

by Lydia Shannon, Dwight Russell and Richard Campbell

Casper-2013 Fall Seminar Series