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Dust Chain Perturbation Using Powered Zyvex S100

by Audrey Burkart, Brandon Harris, Lorin Matthews, and Truell Hyde

Effects of dust on Argon Plasma in a GEC Reference Cell RF Discharge

by A. Paro, E. Middlemas, A. Douglas, V. Land, L. Mathews, T. Hyde

Normal mode couplings for three- and ten-microparticle systems suspended in plasma

by Eric Van Oeveren, Ke Qiao, Lorin S. Matthews, and Truell W. Hyde

Effects of dust on the optical emission of rf discharges: Experiment and simulation

by Erin Middlemas, Autumn Paro, Victor Land, Angela Douglass, Lorin Matthews, and Truell Hyde

Implementing a Multivariate Analysis to Identify Plug Photons in the Search for the Higgs Boson at CDF

by Joseph Rauch

Identifying Short-Term Variations in Hyperion's Light Curve

by Katherine L. Boedges, Randall C. Dunkin, Richard Campbell, and Dwight Russell

Charging of Ellipsoidal Monomers

by Kevin Bombardier

Algorithm for determining U(1) charges in free fermionic heterotic string models

by William Hicks, Lesley Vestal, Jared Greenwald, Douglas Moore, Timothy Renner, and Gerald Cleaver

The Equilibrium Charge Distribution of Conducting Dust Aggregates, Found Through a Potential-Conscious Approach

by Mark J. Sullivan, Qianyu Ma, and Lorin S. Matthews, Member, IEEE

Mission Analysis for Piezo Dust Detector (PDD) Satellite ARMADILLO

by Brian T. Lopas and Dylan P. Losey

Casper-2013 Fall Seminar Series