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Trip Transportation

For Trips, Clinics, Training and Events in which
transportation is not included:

Participants will be notified of other participant's email address attending the event. Participants may elect to arrange car-pooling. Any individual who drives his or her personal vehicle to an event assumes all responsibility for the safety of himself/herself as well as any passengers. Baylor University bears no liability for student use of personal vehicles. Participants may be offered directions to the event location and/or a location in which they could meet in order to follow OA representatives to the event location. The Baylor event will begin when roll is checked at the specified event location. The event will end at the completion of the scheduled activities. Participants are encouraged to drive safely and allow adequate time to get to and from the site. Participants are advised to follow the Recommendations for Participant Drivers.

Note: No reimbursement will be made for repairs to personal vehicles, whether these costs result from your own acts or acts of others. Also, it is the personal obligation of the owner of such vehicle, when used for event travel and for the protection of the traveler and any passengers, to carry auto liability insurance.

Recommendations for Participant Drivers

  1. Maintain a valid driver's license.
  2. Audit the vehicle for safety concerns prior to use, including checking tires, lights, adjust mirrors, wipers, horn, seatbelts and other safety equipment for observable defects.
  3. Use seat belts or other available occupant restraints and require all occupants to also use occupant restraints, in accordance with state laws and not to operate the vehicle unless all occupants are wearing the appropriate restraints.
  4. Observe all applicable traffic laws, ordinances and regulations.
  5. Assume responsibility for any and all fines or traffic violations associated with his/her use of privately owned vehicle associated with the event.
  6. Use safe driving principles and techniques at all times.
  7. Be well rested.
  8. Not drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other consciousness altering substances (except for required medications that do not impair driving ability or cause drowsiness).
  9. Refrain from using mobile devices for calls, texting and navigating while driving the vehicle. However, if cell phone use is necessary, hands-free devices are recommended.
  10. To reduce driver distractions, the front seat passenger should be designated to assist the driver by reading maps, caring for passenger needs (radio, cell phone, etc.).
  11. Turn the vehicle off, remove the keys, and lock the vehicle when it is left unattended.
  12. Not drive the vehicle at speeds that are inappropriate for the type of vehicle or the road conditions.
  13. Not drive the vehicle "off road" unless it is appropriate for that use.
  14. Drivers should not drive when driving conditions are hazardous (this includes but is not limited to fog, heavy rain, snow or ice conditions).

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