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Our Theory

All kinds of groups from corporations to youth groups, businesses to organizations are looking for a fun and effective way to address group needs, develop more cohesive teams and invest in the development of individual team members. The sky is the limit for groups who can set goals and then work together to accomplish them!

Being outdoors, along with the mental and physical challenges, creates an atmosphere that is unique for personal insights and discovering new ways of learning.

Participants have the opportunity to reflect on their challenge course experiences and relate them to everyday life. Each team member brings a specific personality, communication style, and behavior pattern to the group activities, discovering that individual contributions are essential to team success. Groups also have much to gain as they strengthen relationships within their team, discover new leadership abilities within their organization and function as a more effective unit. We invite you and your group to accept the challenge at Baylor University's Challenge Course!

Choice in the Challenge:
Baylor's Challenge Course employs a belief that a participant gains the most and is most challenged when they have a choice in their participation level of the challenges presented. We want each participant to give their 100%. We encourage everyone to push beyond the natural comfort zone in order to experience new challenge and growth; however, we respect your knowledge of your own limitations.

Spiritual Application:
As a Christian University, part of Baylor's mission is to incorporate Christian values, truths and learning into all aspects of life and experience. The challenge course is a perfect tool for relating obstacles and challenges to matters of faith and spiritual growth as well as practical, relational and professional situations.

Participants will find a qualified professional staff that adheres to the mission of the University. The extent to which spiritual application is incorporated, if any, is left to the discretion of the client organization's leaders.

Keys to Success:
Baylor's Challenge Course is an experience for everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike. It is about participation and offering one's best talents, ideas, support and encouragement, not just physical skill or exertion.

Groups with clear goals and expectations benefit the most. At Baylor, we take great pride in helping groups with the goal-setting process. For corporate groups, we offer assessment tools focused on communication styles as well as pre-event assessments that help us tailor your experience to specific needs and desired outcomes.

Good facilitating is a must. Baylor spends an enormous amount of time training qualified facilitators to make the challenge course experience both meaningful and educational. You can expect the best in technical skills as well as professional delivery from our facilitators.

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