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Outdoor Equipment Rental

Outdoor gear can be costly to purchase, but that's where we come in! The Outdoor Adventure Program offers Baylor students, faculty and staff the opportunity to rent outdoor gear at a fraction of the purchase cost. You can plan a trip with friends and experience the great outdoors while still keeping the cost down!

Great, so you are ready to rent some equipment, but now what do you do? Simply, follow the steps below:

REVIEW THE POLICIES: The BUOA Equipment Rental Policies & Procedures will help you get started. We have also included some FAQs that you may find helpful.

PLAN YOUR TRIP: Plan your trip and develop a list of equipment that might be needed. Our trained Outdoor Adventure staff can help renters with this part of the procees. Feel free to stop by the OA Gear Room at the SLC and talk to some of our friendly staff about trip planning ideas. We are open on Monday and Friday afternoons throughout the fall and spring semesters!


  • Renters may reserve equipment the day of, or up to two weeks in advance.
  • Equipment availability is limited and subject to change, so we do recommend that renters call ahead or stop by to confirm availability in advance.
  • Equipment may be reserved in-person or via our ONLINE RENTAL REQUEST form.
  • The OA rental staff tests all equipment prior to rental to ensure it is complete and in working order. It is the renter’s responsibility to double-check this process and ask OA staff any clarifying questions on equipment use and set-up prior to check-out.
  • Come to the OA Rental Room to get an order sheet, then go to the SLC Service Desk up front to pay. The rental room is located in the SLC Gym area behind court #3.
  • While you are paying, the OA Rental Room staff will review the renter’s equipment list and put it all together. When the renter returns with a payment receipt, they will be able to pick up their equipment for the rental period.

ENJOY YOUR TRIP: Have fun, be respectful, stay safe while enjoying your adventure.

AFTER YOUR TRIP: After returning from your adventure experience, immediately set up any equipment, allow it to dry off, inspect it for dirt and damage.
  • Please, return all equipment clean and dry. If the renter notices any dirt, they should follow the documentation that came with it on how to properly clean it.
  • DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVE CLEANING CHEMICALS. At most, use a damp sponge with a small amount of dish detergent.
  • For more information, please see our Equipment Care & Maintenace Guide.

RETURNING YOUR EQUIPMENT: Return the clean and dry equipment to the OA Rental Room at least thirty minutes prior to our posted closing time. It will take some time to check-in the equipment; so, plan accordingly.
  • If the equipment comes back on time and clean, the transaction will be completed.
  • If the equipment comes back dirty, damaged, or late, the OA Rental Room staff will review the equipment, and assess any damages/fees necessary. This transaction maybe reviewed by the OA Coordinator as well and the renter will be contacted with additional information.

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