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Indoor Volleyball

Registration Deadline: August 26, 2015
Captain's Meeting: August 27, 2015 at 4pm or 6pm
McLane Student Life Center (SLC), Room 308
Games Begin: August 31, 2015
Season Length: 5 weeks
Tournament Format: Pool Play to All-University Tournament
Location of Games: McLane Student Life Center (SLC) Gym
Team Info: A team is comprised of 6 participants. 4 players are required in order to avoid a forfeit.


  • A team consists of six players, but a game may begin with only four.  All team members must wear jerseys with numbers on them so they can be identified for substitutions.


  • The following items are required uniform pieces:
    • Jerseys must have a number on one side, pennies will be available for those who do not have a number.
    • Players must wear pants or shorts without belt loops, drawstrings, or pockets.
  • The following items are prohibited:
    • Hats with an exposed hard bill.
    • Cowboy boots, sandals or playing without shoes
    • Jewelry, including watches, rings, earrings, etc. Medical information tags are allowed a long as it is taped to the skin.
  • Players will be asked by the referee to remove any illegal equipment. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in player disqualification.
  • The following items are allowed:
    • Gloves.
    • Knit or stocking cap, headband, rubber or cloth bands to control hair.


  • Game start time is forfeit time.
  • Games will last for either 45 minutes or until a team wins a best two-out-of-three set
    • The first two games are played to 25 and the third is played to 15
    • Games do NOT have to be won by two
  • Games are played with a running clock. Clock does NOT stop for timeouts (30 min.)
  • Each team awarded 1 timeout per set and can only call a timeout if losing.


  • Rally scoring, so a team will score a point every serve, with the exception of a violation that leads to a re-serve
  • Sets are best two-out-of-three
    • The first two games are played to 25 and the third is played to 15
    • Games do NOT have to be won by two

During Play:

  • Must get the ball over the net and land on opponents side within three hits
  • Must wait on the official to serve
  • If it hits a goal or anything on your side, it is playable, but it still must be returned in 3 hits or less
  • If it hits the ceiling and lands on your side, it is playable, but if it lands on the other side it is out
  • If another ball enters the court during play, the volley is blown dead by the official and the point is replayed
  • A block is not included in one of your 3 hits
  • If the ball hits the antenna, it is out
  • In order for a player from the back court to attack, they must take off behind the 10 ft line
  • A player can only sub for the same player the entire game
  • Each team gets one 30 second timeout per game
    • The clock does not stop on a timeout
    • The winning team may not call a timeout

Common Foul:

  • Double Hit, a single player can not hit the ball twice in succession
    • A block does not count as a hit, so the same player who blocked can then make another hit
  • Net Violation, a no time during a live ball may a player on either team, whether playing the ball or not, touch the net
  • Foot Fault, during the serve, the server must stay behind the serving line
    • If the server jumps to serve, they must leave the floor before crossing the serving line
  • Center Line Violation, no part of a players body may cross the center line (net line) under the net during play

All-University Tournament Eligibility:

  • In order to be eligible to compete in the All-University Tournament, teams must:
    • Be one of the top two teams of their division.
    • o Obtain a cumulative sportsmanship rating of 3.0 during the regular season.
  • In addition, at-large bids will be awarded at the discretion of the Championship Selection Committee.

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