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Flag Football

Registration Deadline: September 23, 2015
Captain's Meeting: September 28, 2015 at 4pm or September 29, 2015 at 6pm
McLane Student Life Center (SLC), Room 308
Games Begin: October 5, 2015
Season Length: 7 weeks
Tournament Format: Pool Play to All-University Tournament
Location of Games: Parker Brothers Sports Complex (Intramural Fields)

The following are general rules. Detailed rules can be checked out from the Campus Recreation Office. Flag Football games will follow the rules outlined in the NIRSA Flag and Touch Football Rules Book.


  • A team consists of seven (7) players. Five (5) players are required to start a game.
  • The following items are required uniform pieces:
    • Opposing teams must wear contrasting colored jerseys with a visible number on at least one side. (Colored pennies will be available). These jerseys must be tucked in at all times.
    • Players must wear pants or shorts without belt loops, drawstrings, or pockets.
    • Each player must wear a one piece flag belt, with no knots, attached at the waistline. One flag on each side and one in the center of the back. Failure to have the belt attached at the snap of the ball results in a 5 yard penalty. If a flag falls off unintentionally the player becomes down by a one hand contact between the shoulders and the knees.
  • The following items are prohibited:
    • Hats with an exposed hard bill.
    • Shoes with metal spikes. Screw-in cleats shorter than an inch are allowed.
    • Jewelry, including watches, rings, earrings, etc. Medical information tags are allowed a long as it is taped to the skin.
  • Players will be asked by the referee to remove any illegal equipment. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in player disqualification.
  • The following items are allowed:
    • Playbooks. The playbook may not be made of a hard material, must remain on their person and must remain hidden throughout play.
    • Gloves.
    • Knit or stocking cap, headband, rubber or cloth bands to control hair.
    • Pliable and non-rigid sunglasses.
  • Game start time is forfeit time.
  • Grace can be awarded to an opponent if and only if a representative of that team is signed in.
    • Grace is 10 minutes.
    • 6 points are instantly given to the team who grants Grace.
  • Games will consist of two 20 min. periods with a 5 min. halftime. 25 second play clock between plays.
  • Games are played with a running clock. Clock stops for team timeouts (1 min.), Referee timeout, and two minute warnings of 1st and 2nd half. Clock will also stop on a dead ball during the last two minutes of the second half. If team is 19 points ahead at the two minute warning, a mercy rule is imposed.
  • Each team awarded 2 timeouts per half.
  • Touchdowns are worth 6 points.
  • Teams may try for extra points after a touchdown. Choices or extra points are 1 point try from the three yard line, 2 point try from the ten yard line. And 3 point try from the twenty yard line.
During Play:
  • Captains are the only players permitted to talk to any referee.
  • There are no kickoffs. Unless moved by penalty, the offensive team starts on their 14 yard line to begin the first and second half.
  • In order to gain a first down, a team must cross the next "zone line" in four plays or less.
  • Must have 4 people on line of scrimmage before line is set.
  • Play is dead anytime ball hits the ground - No fumbles.
  • No tackling. Flag and touch football is a non contact sport. Players cannot block with your hands; you must move your feet to screen defenders.
  • The referee's decisions are final in matters pertaining to the game.
Common Foul:
  • Flag Guarding
    • Runners are not allowed to guard the flag by:
      • Placing or swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt.
      • Placing the ball in possession over the flag belt.
All-University Tournament Eligibility:
  • In order to be eligible to compete in the All-University Tournament, teams must:
    • Be one of the top two teams of their division.
    • Obtain a cumulative sportsmanship rating of 3.0 during the regular season.
  • In addition, at-large bids will be awarded at the discretion of the Championship Selection Committee.

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