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Intramural Managers & Captains

Organizational chairs and team captains serve as the liaison between the intramural office and their team(s). This includes taking responsibility for the proper administration of their team(s) as well as the on-field behavior of each team member. Each organization's chair should contact the intramural office each semester to update their contact information. Note: In order to receive chair privileges on, chairs must contact the intramural office.

The policies and procedures in the intramural handbook are the rules that will be enforced at each intramural competition. Understanding and adhering to these rules will facilitate and allow a team's participation in Baylor Intramural Sports.

Administrative Responsibilities Include:

  • Register your team on and pay the associated registration fee in the Campus Recreation office prior to the deadline.
  • Attend one of the two captain's meetings for each sport. Events that require attendance are: Dodgeball, Softball, Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer.
    • An organization with multiple teams only needs one representative to attend a captain's meeting.
    • If your team or organization does not have a representative present at one of the two captain's meetings, your team(s) may have the option to compete regular season pool play, but will only be allowed to advance to the All-University tournament if they have a winning record and an average sportsmanship rating of 3.5.
  • Check schedules regularly for updates/changes in game times and inform players of the date, time and location of all contests. All schedules are posted at
    • Note: Occasionally, schedules may change due to unavoidable circumstances, including but not limited to the following: facility availability changes, inclement weather, and team forfeits or defaults.
  • Obtain the playoff schedule after your last regular season game at
  • Be responsible for thoroughly understanding the rules of the sport you are participating in and informing your team members of the Intramural Rules and Policies.
  • Ensure that everyone on the team roster is eligible and ensure that enough eligible participants who are on the roster are at the game 15 minutes prior to the beginning of a scheduled contest. Game time is forfeit time!
  • Ensure that all players have checked-in with the IM Staff by providing their valid Baylor ID Card (or Driver's License) before the start of the game.
  • Captains may make additions to his or her team's roster during pool play as long as the participant being added has not played on another team during that event.
  • Track his or her organization's points throughout the year. Note: The chair must submit, in writing, any discrepancies of points or placement standings to the Assistant Director for Intramural Sports no later than two weeks following the completion of a sport.

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