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Welcome to Intramural Sports

Each year thousands of Baylor students choose to participate in a variety of sports, leagues and divisions offered through our program. Whether you are a gifted athlete or you just want to play for fun, Intramural Sports is the place for you!

The Baylor Intramural Sports program strives to provide students with a variety of recreational opportunities that allow them to engage in healthy competition while developing their character and maintaining their integrity and sportsmanship.

Students come together in the spirit of friendly competition and leave with treasured memories, life-long friends and a deeper self-understanding.

Who Can Play?
Intramural events are open to all currently enrolled Baylor students, faculty and staff who have paid the respective usage fees, meet University eligibility guidelines and are in good standing with the University.

Students commonly form teams through their residence halls, student organizations or just with a group of friends who want to play. Baylor Intramural Sports offers leagues and divisions for everyone! If you can't find enough people to play, then you can also check out our Free Agent Program.

Baylor Intramural Sports offers several different leagues of play for both men's and women's teams.

  • Gold League - This league is reserved for large fraternities and sororities.
  • Green League - This league is reserved for smaller fraternities and sororities and all other student organizations.
  • Residence Hall League - This league is reserved for students that live in any of Baylor's Residence Halls.
  • Open League - This league is reserved for students who want to get together and play, but are not associated with a specific student organization.
Teams are given the opportunity to choose between one of two levels of play, Competitive or Recreational. Students will indicate their preferred Division of play when they register their team.

When Do We Play?
Most intramural games are played Monday-Thursday between the hours of 5:00pm and Midnight. However, we do offer occasional weekend play and may extend hours due to high numbers of teams or rain-outs that occur during a season.

Where Do We Play?
Intramural games are played at a variety of facilities both on and off campus, including the McLane Student Life Center (SLC), Parker Brothers Sport Complex, Marrs McLean Tennis Courts, SUB Bowling Lanes and Waco Cotton Palace Softball Fields.

Contact Us
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