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SLC Access Questions

Q: Who authorized the ID policy?

A: We have implemented the policy contained in both the personnel and student handbooks which states that access to facilities such as the Student Life Center may be utilized by Baylor faculty, staff, and students with the presentation of a valid Baylor identification card (I.D. card). Support from Baylor's executive administration has given our staff confidence to implement the policy and users the assurance of an even-handed enforcement of it.

Q: Why must the SLC Service Staff insist that I bring an ID when entering the SLC?

A: Over 2,500 authorized users have their cards swiped for entrance into the SLC on a typical day. Unfortunately it is also true that each day many UNauthorized users hope to gain entrance into the facility. In order for legitimate users to have the assurance of gaining access it is imperative that our staff properly examine each visitor's identification.

Q: What if I forget my Baylor ID? A: As a contingency for patrons who arrive at the SLC without their Baylor ID, any photo ID card may be presented for access. It may take a little longer for the staff to process the info, but something like a Driver's License works every time. In addition, Baylor ID holders can pre-register for our Biometric Hand Key System to gain entry on days that they forget their ID.

Q: What if I forget to bring ANY photo ID?

A: You will need to go get one. While it inconveniences those who forget a photo ID, we believe an even-handed enforcement of the policy makes it possible to avoid being arbitrary at the gate.

Q: "The SLC Service Staff know I am a student here." Why can't they let me in?

A: We have chosen not to operate on a "who you know" system. The access policy is supportable only if it is fair, consistent and predictable for EVERY person, those we know and those we do not know.

Q: Can't you make an exception for faculty and staff?

A: For Baylor faculty and staff (and their spouses), access to the Student Life Center is a free benefit. The only thing we ask is that the staff swipe their ID card when they arrive. Every other university in the Big 12 charges its faculty and staff for the use of its recreation facilities. At Baylor, we provide a free ticket: their Baylor ID card. We just ask that, like at a movie theater, they bring the ticket when they want to come in.

Baylor students, it should be noted, are asked for more. Besides being required to present their Baylor ID in order to access the facility they are charged a "general student fee" which, among other things, provides for SLC use.

Properly, faculty and students have different arrangements for obtaining a Baylor ID card. At the SLC gate, however, the rules for access are the same for both groups. To deny students access when they forget an ID makes sense to them only if everyone, including faculty and staff, have the same consequences. Without that assurance, students may rightly question the fairness of the policy.

Q: "Why can't you let me in just this once?"

A: We have thought long and hard about this. Here are the questions our staff comes up with in response:

  • If we extend grace from time to time, how many times should we extend it before we insist on compliance?
  • Should we never insist on compliance?
  • Can we justify extending grace to one person or group and not extending it to everyone else?
  • If a "three strikes" policy is instituted and a someone comes a fourth time without an ID, the situation is even MORE uncomfortable at the front desk because the person has become accustomed to coming to the SLC without an ID. Are we not merely delaying the situation everyone wants to avoid?
  • Might "three strikes" be considered arbitrary? Why not four?
  • And most importantly, our student workers ask: Why have an ID policy if we don't "really" require an ID?
Q: Wouldn't it be easier for the SLC staff to look the other way when someone shows up without an ID?

A: It's hard sometimes, but we think it is important to stand on the strength of our moral judgement and convictions. Implimenting the SLC access policy is one way we do that. Convenience should not be the sole engine that drives policy; nor should it be in the compliance of policy.

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