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Men's Rugby

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#1. Are there tryouts for your team?
Because rugby is a new sport for many athletes we do not hold typical try-outs at the beginning of each season. Game day starting positions are determined based on your performance over the week of practices prior to a match, thus each practice is really a try-out. Positions are filled based on performance in practice, fitness and how well you are grasping the game plan of the Coaches.

#2. How many days and hours/week do you practice?
Official practices are held tuesdays and thursdays at the BU Rugby Pitch in front of the BSB. Practice officially starts at 430pm with players typically arriving at 4pm to get prepared, kitted up, individual warm-ups etc. Practice is usually about 2 hours long. Most experienced players and players wanting to excel at the sport will devote additional time away from the pitch on their own or with other players to work on fitness and honing individual skills. Rugby is a high intensity sport that requires attention to fitness to be successful..

#3. Typically where are your games/ practices held?
Practices: Tuesdays and thursdays at the BU Rugby Pitch in front of the BSB Games: Our fall season - which is an Olympic style of rugby will consist of 3 tournament series where all teams in the division get together at the host facility and compete for series winner as well as points standings for the end of the season run at making into the National Championships. Olympic style is typically what is seen in the US on television called Rugby Seven's. It is a faster paced game, 7 players on each team with two very short 7 minute halves. Lots of fast action and a team can expect to play 5-6 games each tournament series. Spring season is the typical International style of rugby which consists of 15 players per team on the field with two 40 minute halves. These games are not played in a tournament series. Games are hosted by the conference opponent on Saturdays and will only be one game. Often times we will arrange to have a JV/Developmental match with our opponent so that new players can get game time in for experience.

#4. What schools do you compete against? What league are you in?
Baylor Rugby is in the USA Division 1a Conference. This is the top level competitive conference in the nation. In addition BU Rugby is a member of the Allied Rugby Conference which currently has UT, A&M, OU, Sam Houston and Texas Tech in it. Once conference playoffs have occurred the team may advance to the USA Rugby National series which has teams from all over the nation.

#5. What are the dues for this club team?
Membership dues are $200 for one academic year. There is also an additional $45 registration fee with USA Rugby. The USA Rugby registration provides you with on-the field health insurance.

#6. When is your season? Do you practice in the off-season?
The fall 7's season starts at the beginning of the fall semester in August and will continue through the end of the semester. Spring 15's season starts at the beginning of the spring semester and will go through march for conference play and could extend through until June for post conference / national level play.

#7.Do students need experience to join?
No experience is needed to join BU Rugby. Our coaching staff has a long history and experience both as players and coaches. They are accustomed to teaching the basic fundamentals to new players as well as high level skills for experienced players. New players are given the opportunity for one-on-one development by the coaches as well as experienced players

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