Q: How did the Campus Kitchen at Baylor University come about?
A: The Baylor chapter is an affiliate of the national non-profit Campus Kitchens Project. Established October 2008, it is the first Campus Kitchen in Texas. There are currently 51 schools across the country recovering food and preparing meals for those in need.

Q: Who usually helps out with Campus Kitchen and do you prefer specific majors?
A: Our volunteers are all different majors. We currently have a leadership class that has adopted a shift every Wednesday that consists of a variety of majors. Although most of our Kitchen Managers are Nutrition Majors, you do not have to have a background in nutrition or culinary skills to volunteer wth Campus Kitchen.

Q: How can I help?
A: Some people help weekly while others help for special events. If you want to help for a special event, email Eric Pritt. We are thankful for any time you are able to give.

Q: What if I don't have a lot of time?
A: Not only do we need people to run the daily operations (which may only take 45 to 90 minutes of your day), but we also appreciate if you get the word out. If you are in a dorm or other student organizations, talk to your service chairs. We'd love to help connect Baylor student organizations with the community.

Q: Any experience necessary?
A: Not at all. Come for the fun and fellowship with other students that care about the community. You might teach one day and learn the next.

Q: Who do I talk to if I have an idea?
A: We're always looking for new ideas for activities and opportunities and we would love to hear from you! Just send an email to Eric Pritt

Q: When and where do we meet?

1. Garden shifts located at 9th and James
  • Monday and Wednesday 10 am - 12
  • Tuesday 11 am - 12 pm
  • Thursday 1 pm - 2 pm

2. Kitchen Shifts located in Penland Dining Hall- meet behind the swipe machines
  • Tuesday 3:45 - 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday 3:45 - 5:45 pm

3. Food Recovery Shifts
  • Monday - Friday at 3:00 p.m.
  • *Meet behind Penland Dining Hall
  • To sign up for a food recovery shift, email Dylan Lee

4. Food Delivery Shift
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday at 5:15 pm
  • To sign up for a food delivery shift, email Madison Stewart

If you aren't sure who is leading the delivery or managing the kitchen that day, just email Eric Pritt and we will get you in touch with them.