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The Campus Kitchen at Baylor University (CKBU) is a student-led organization that focues on food waste and alleviation of hunger in our city. We have student teams that recover food from dining halls, prepare healthy, nutirious meals for non-profits in town, and harvest fresh produce from our Baylor Community Garden.

Founded in 2008, CKBU has grown exponentially in the past years and is affecting the lives of many. On average, we recover over 10,000 pounds of food per year from the dining halls on campus. All of this food is given to the Salvation Army to feed the hungry. Last year, we served 6,320 fresh, nutritious meals to Mission Waco and the Family Abuse Center. All of the produce we grow in the Baylor Community Garden is used in the meals prepard by students each week.

The Campus Kitchen at Baylor University is an affiliate of the national Campus Kitchen Project. We are one of 49 schools, and the only Campus Kitchen in Texas, who are making a difference to those who are hungry in our city. The Baylor Campus Kitchen is a great way for students to get involved on campus and to bridge the gap between Baylor and the Waco community we live in. Visit our Get Involved page for information about how you can volunteer!