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The Professional Development Program (PDP) prepares students for a successful college-to-career transition. Developed for Marketing and Professional Selling students within the Hankamer School of Business, the PDP is a student-run program with a series of events designed to facilitate learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom. Students enhance their understanding of different fields and build a solid understanding of different career opportunities.

Many former PDP participants have gone on to successful careers in Fortune 500 companies. Here are several recent placements:

  • AT&T
    #11 on Fortune 500
    • Morgan Stringer
  • IBM
    #16 on Fortune 500
    • Grant Senter
  • Concentra (Humana)
    #73 on Fortune 500
    • Joseph Chen
  • Oracle
    #83 on Fortune 500
    • Spencer Anderson, Sarah Games, Robert Howard, Kristin Hunter, Taylor Huske, Hannah Kroening, Austin Roberson, Luke Thompson
  • 3M
    #101 on Fortune 500
    • Andy Anderson, Bryan Baker, Simeon Brown, Taylor Dixon, Morgan Heeke, Tyler Kopas, Sara McCarthy, David McGee, Benton Miller, Taylor Morrison, Madeline Giering, Gui Julio, Taylor Morrison, Joanna Murrieta, Brittany Verhulst, Chris Workman
  • Occidental Chemical
    #116 on Fortune 500
    • Alex Dixon, Olivia Offringa, James Paulsen, Oscar Velasquez
  • Medtronic
    #173 on Fortune 500
    • Jeb Phillips
  • Bell Helicopter (Textron)
    #228 on Fortune 500
    • Sean Fulton, Kevin Rutledge
  • Grainger
    #295 on Fortune 500
    • Hunter Hendrickson
  • Reynolds and Reynolds
    #329 on Fortune 500
    • Colyn Squires
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