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Learning, Volunteer, and Social Opportunities

This will likely be on a Friday and will be a trip to a Texas business to learn about its technology. Some ideas include taking a technology tour of Dallas Cowboy Stadium or attending the technology conference as part of SXSW in Austin. Baylor MIS would arrange the tour and transportation. You would have to likely miss classes on a Friday and pay for your meals.

The Bearathon is a half marathon held Saturday, March 22 on Baylor's campus. The Bearathon raises money for scholarships. If you volunteer you would work at a rest table supporting and encouraging the runners.

Tutoring and Project Opportunities

Are you interested in improving your skills and making some extra money by tutoring students in information systems classes or working on projects for businesses? If you are please answer the questions below and we will make this information available to the students and businesses that contact us.