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Accidental Referrals
Bryan Lilly, PhD and Aliosha Alexandrov, PhD
For realtors and other providers of professional services, customer referrals are one of the most important sources of new business. As service providers, we want customers saying...

INSIDER: Sales Shift
Natasha Ashton, MBA Candidate
Due to the pervasive technique of inbound marketing and exponentially increasing consumer demand for content-driven promotions and advertising, the sales paradigm has changed. But has your selling approach changed? If not...

INSIDER: Smart Calling
Clint Justice, MBA Candidate
When you think of cold calling, does a knot immediately form in your stomach? How often do you use cold calling to generate new leads for your business? For many real estate agents...

Help Me Buy: The Value of a Strong Routine
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD
Real estate agents who create strong buying routines help clients move toward successful purchases. The changing nature of information sources in residential real estate may be...

Diversification and the Rise of Cultural Sales
Xiao-Ping Chen, PhD, Dong Liu, PhD, and Rebecca Portnoy, PhD
As minorities and immigrants are the fastest growing home-buying segment, real estate professionals must understand and learn how to leverage...

INSIDER: LinkedIn for Business Development
Susan Monaghan, MBA Candidate
LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that can help real estate professionals build relationships and prospect for new clients...

Innovative Mobile Marketing via Smartphones: Are Consumers Ready?
Ajax Persaud, PhD (Canada) and Irfan Azhar, MEBT (Canada)
Today, the smartphone is central to the lives of most consumers regardless of age, gender or education level. In fact, many consumers cannot seem to live apart from...

Has Cold Calling Gone Cold?
Dale Lampertz
Deeply embedded in real estate agent training and development literature is the directive to be constantly engaged in lead-generation activities. Lead-generation is an essential...

INSIDER: Rules of Engagement - Focused Internet Marketing
Jacob Christie, MBA Candidate
In his book 100MPH Marketing for Real Estate, author and real estate veteran, Mitch Ribak, details the formula for Internet marketing success in a no-frills approach that...

INSIDER: Unique Sales Stories
Steven Bell, MBA Candidate
Any salesperson will tell you that the ideal method for generating new clients is through word-of-mouth and referrals. No advertising or cold calling is necessary with this strategy...

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