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Accidental Referrals
Bryan Lilly, PhD and Aliosha Alexandrov, PhD
For realtors and other providers of professional services, customer referrals are one of the most important sources of new business. As service providers, we want customers saying...

Engineering Success for Your Agents
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD, Karen E. Flaherty, PhD, Son K. Lam, PhD, Nick Lee, PhD, and Jay P. Mulki, PhD
The real estate agency leader can make a marked difference on agency outcomes by creating, enhancing, and changing connections between...

Improving Performance by Managing Sales Call Volume
G. Alexander Hamwi, PhD and Brian N. Rutherford, PhD
How can a salesperson improve her performance? This is a question that sales management researchers have spent a great deal of effort and time trying to...

Leveraging Market Orientation for Real Estate
Samaa Taher Attia, PhD (Egypt)
Real estate professionals must understand that it is important to focus on each of the four dimensions of Market Orientation. While maintaining a strong focus on customers, it is equally important to...

Protect and Prevent: Neutralizations and Unethical Sales Behavior
Laura Serviere-Munoz, PhD and Michael L. Mallin, PhD
For real estate professionals, neutralizations are of great relevance. A sales role presents challenges and pressures that may sometimes cloud good ethical judgment. Given the knowledge of neutralizations and the principles presented, real estate brokers and agents can begin to...

Designing a Strategic Service Blueprint
Ioannis (Giannis) Kostopoulos, PhD (UK)
Delivering high-quality services first requires an effective service design process. Intentional service design ensures...

Forgiveness in the Context of the Realtor-Client Relationship
Jo-Ann Tsang, PhD
Even the best relationships can be marred by misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Although forgiveness is often considered in the context of...

Managing Quotas to Improve Customer Relationships and Sales Performance
Charles H. Schwepker, Jr., PhD, David J. Good, PhD, and Brooke N. Buerky, MBA Student
Sales control systems play a critical role in directing, evaluating, and monitoring the activities of an organization's salespeople. Sales quotas, for instance...

The Quest for Community
Larry Lyon, PhD and Robyn Driskell, PhD
Critiques of modern societies often include the loss of community due to increasingly weak connections with local places and changing modes of social interactions. Sociologists believe that...

What Factors Lock Clients Into Relationships?
Mary P. Harrison, PhD and Sharon E. Beatty, PhD
Have you noticed that some clients will stay with their realtor, even if the realtor does not provide results? Clients in real estate relationships, as well as other service relationships, often...

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