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Developing a Winning Theme or The Attention Getter

How Does Reinterpretation Influence Our First Impressions?

The Wrong Ladder: Mismatch Between Subgoal Sequences and Actual Goal Performance

Understanding Client Attitudes

Can A Book be Judged Accurately Only by its Cover?
Zachary R. Hall, PhD, Michael Ahearne, PhD, and Harish Sujan, PhD

Sales professionals make judgments of their customers' preferences and tastes throughout the selling process – at times without being conscious they are doing so. These judgments enable effective selling.

Insider: Creating Maximum Value in the Real Estate Selling Process
Jack Kohles, MBA Candidate
To be a master storyteller, a real estate professional must master the customer conversation. In the book "The Three Value Conversations," authors Peterson, Riesterer, Smith, & Geoffrion focus on how to master the customer conversation.

Insider: The Science of Why
Andrew Miner
It is said that people hate to spend money, but that they love to buy. But why? Why do we buy what we buy?

Procedural Frames in Negotiation: The Impact of Offering "My Resources" Vs. Requesting "Your Resources"
Roman Trötschel, PhD, David D. Loschelder, PhD, Benjamin P. Höhne, PhD, and Johann M. Majer, PhD Candidate

If I were to propose a trade to you, the two statements “My X for your Y” and “Your Y for my X” may appear to be completely equal. However, in a real world negotiation, those two proposals are perceived diffe­rently.

The Salesperson's Toolkit for Selling Success
Charles Fifield, MBA

A salesperson’s or agent’s toolkit is a set of tools designed to be used together for the purpose of earning a win-win value-adding purchase decision. During an interactive professional sales exchange, several tools are needed to shape and achieve this desired outcome.

You Don't Always Get What You Want, and You Don't Always Want What You Get
Ryan R. Mullins, PhD, Daniel G. Bachrach, PhD, Adam A. Rapp, PhD, Dhruv Grewal, PhD, and Lauren Skinner Beitelspacher, PhD

The old adage tells us that the customer is always right, but does the customer always feel in control?

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