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Engineering Success for Your Agents
Andrea L. Dixon, PhD, Karen E. Flaherty, PhD, Son K. Lam, PhD, Nick Lee, PhD, and Jay P. Mulki, PhD
The real estate agency leader can make a marked difference on agency outcomes by creating, enhancing, and changing connections between...

Improving Performance by Managing Sales Call Volume
G. Alexander Hamwi, PhD and Brian N. Rutherford, PhD
How can a salesperson improve her performance? This is a question that sales management researchers have spent a great deal of effort and time trying to...

Managing Quotas to Improve Customer Relationships and Sales Performance
Charles H. Schwepker, Jr., PhD, David J. Good, PhD, and Brooke N. Buerky, MBA Student
Sales control systems play a critical role in directing, evaluating, and monitoring the activities of an organization's salespeople. Sales quotas, for instance...

Extraordinary Results Require ONE Thing
Curtis Schroeder, MBA Candidate - Associate Editor, Keller Center Research Report
Achieving extraordinary results and happiness is simple. In fact, each of our personal and professional ambitions should point back to ONE question...

INSIDER: Cracking the Sales Management Code
Dennis Thé, MBA
Organizations must not only have the capability to accurately measure performance, but they also must be able to understand how these metrics are managed to drive revenue....

Housing & Health Care: Why Should You Care?
Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the major components of spending - food, housing apparel and services, transportation, health care, entertainment, and...

Ten Necessary Conditions to Highly Effective Personal Selling
Charles Fifield, MBA
Productivity, as it applies to sales organizations, is not uniformly defined. Simply put, productivity is maximizing sales results (output) by minimizing resources expended...

Why Perceived Barriers to Career Advancement are Important
Bill Weeks, DBA, Elten Briggs, PhD, and Fernando Jaramillo, PhD
Finding and retaining high performing salespeople continues to be the #1 challenge for most sales organizations. Organizational commitment has garnered considerable...

INSIDER: Make Your Voice Heard - Make Your Marketing Relevant
Curtis Schroeder, MBA Candidate
Imagine the 60-foot-long boat of the U.S. women's national rowing team cutting across a crystal-clear lake in a heated 2,000-meter race. As the team synchronously rows their...

Necessary Condition #9 - The Right Metrics
Charles Fifield, MBA
Many sales organizations focus on measuring or tracking outputs or results with less emphasis on inputs, which is akin to telling a football team to stop the opponent from...

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