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What Makes Working in Sales Satisfying: Who You Work With or What You Work For?
Kirk Wakefield, PhD
What makes your work satisfying? Does what drives you to succeed ultimately lead you to be satisfied with your job? Compared to most other things, which of these best describe what motivates you to reach your goals?

The Cost of Choosing: Cognitive Resource Depletion in the Home Buying Process
Vanessa G. Perry, PhD and J.D. Lee, PhD
Does expending more effort make consumers smarter? We question the intuitive assumption that consumers will make better decisions based on the...

Housing & Health Care: Why Should You Care?
Dennis Thé, MBA Candidate
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the major components of spending - food, housing apparel and services, transportation, health care, entertainment, and...

Using Online Reviews in Creative Selling
Katherine Taken Smith, DBA and W. Glynn Mangold, PhD
Think about the last time you purchased a book or selected a movie to see. How did you go about it? The chances are that your decision was influenced by what someone else...

INSIDER: Seller Financing - When You Can't Bank on the Bank
Rachel Watson, JD, MBA Candidate
With banks applying stricter guidelines to conventional real estate mortgages, many buyers have found it difficult to qualify for home loans. It is estimated that forty percent...

Necessary Condition #9 - The Right Metrics
Charles Fifield, MBA
Many sales organizations focus on measuring or tracking outputs or results with less emphasis on inputs, which is akin to telling a football team to stop the opponent from...

INSIDER: Don't Sell Short Sales Short
Rachel Watson, JD, MBA Candidate
Due to the recent downturn in the economy, the use of short sales has risen in the real estate market. A short sale occurs when a property is sold and the lender...

Making a House a Home: On Happiness & Home Ownership
Jim Roberts, PhD
The Greek philosopher Socrates identified happiness as the ultimate goal of all human activity - everything we do is with this end in mind. And, because happiness is the...

Housing Prices Likely to Turn Around in 2009, Survey Finds
Charles North, PhD, Chris Pullig, PhD, Laura Indergard, MBA, Jacqueline Simpson, MBA Candidate
Housing prices are likely to stop falling by the end of 2009, say nearly three-fourths of economists in a recent survey. In addition, life-cycle issues, such as needing a home...

INSIDER: Probability of Sale
Chris Matcek, MBA/ME Candidate
Is there a way to tell ahead of time how likely a listing is to sell? In The Probability of Sale for Residential Real Estate (Journal of Housing Research) Ken H. Johnson, Justin D...

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