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2013 Family Business Forum: Mr. Doug Box
Our latest Family Business Forum was presented in the Bill Daniels Student Center on Baylor's campus in November 2013. Mr. Doug Box, family business advisor, presented his family's story while sharing lessons learned from that experience through the lens of conflict management psychology. Mr. Box is affiliated with Continuity Family Business Consulting, based in Beverly, Massachusetts, leading their Dallas office. He is also a certified Family Business Advisor through the Family Firm Institute.

Baylor University's Institute for Family Business hosts educational outreach programs for entrepreneurs. These family business forums focus on a wide range of topics and are critical to helping the Institute fulfill its mission to facilitate the development and dissemination of information relevant to the health and continuity of family business.

Recent topics have included:

  • Best Practices
  • Communication
  • Ramifications of Healthcare Law
  • Succession Planning
  • Well-Being

Future forums will explore conflict management processes and how to implement them into a family business to offer greater operational resilience within the firm by creating a process for conflict to be alleviated.

If these topics interest you, your family, or your family business, be sure to explore the entirety of our website, look for current updates on our Twitter feed, @BaylorFamilyBiz, or contact us via email at FamilyBusiness@baylor.edu.

If you prefer, you may contact the Director via email at Bill_Worthington@baylor.edu We are always interested in hearing from the family business community about other topics that might be of interest. Please feel free to communicate those ideas so we can consider them for future programs.

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